Till today I have stayed in 4 different addresses. And in each place if I think now has reared me up, shaped my personality and gifted me its positive as well as not so positive influences, which can be witnessed in my behavior and work. Whenever I walk down the memory lane some tunes crowd my brain and almost immediately I rush back to these places. These songs act like Time Machines to take me into a world which I have left long back or recently.

Here for the first time I experienced Community Film viewing under the open sky. I witnessed Pather Panchali, Rajlokkhi Srikanto and many more.

I was glued to the World of Cinema. Which eventually, helped me while exposing Prayasam’s youth Directors to film making craft.

Relationship with Behala

For the first time I tasted the feeling of friendship and it stayed with me forever. We were eight and I was the leader.

Being a leader I thought I have to conduct myself in such a way that I don’t give them a scope for complaints. I never did. And this leadership trait stayed with me forever and thus in Prayasam I could not become an Office BOSS ever.

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